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UC Merced Writing Project’s Professional Development Programs for Elementary, Middle, & High School 


The UC Merced Writing Project proposes an In-service Program for teachers that illustrates the multiple genres in writing that can and should be taught within each writing category identified in the New Common Core.  Whether students write in Language Arts, Social Science/History, Science, Math, or the Arts, each genre highlights the importance of teaching students to consider audience, purpose, form, and language choices. Each genre requires different thinking and different writing strategies with the ultimate goal of achieving the purpose of a piece of writing.  In our Workshops, participants analyze similarities and differences between genres in each writing category by writing themselves, followed by thoughtful examination and discussion.  The goal is for careful analysis of the writing to provide teachers with instructional background knowledge through direct experience.  In this way their own writing serves as models for students to emulate:

UC Merced Writing Project Presents Professional Development Workshops on Common Core



A Personal Experience


Biographical Sketch

Short Story


Historical Fiction

Fantasy Fiction

Tall Tales





News Report

Evaluation Report

Research Report

"How to" Directons

Lab Report



Letter of Introduction

Navigational Directions



Campaign Speech

Book Review

Moview Review

Literary Analysis/Interpretation

Historical Analysis



 Op Ed. Column or Essay

 Persuasuve Letter

 Product Review

 Debate/Speech-Controversial Issue

 Call for Action


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Workshops give teachers time to align writing types with their subject areas.



1.       An introductory session where teachers examine reading materials that aligns with the types of writing.

2.       A demonstration of lesson design for teachers to identify the differences in the types of writing listed.


Program Cost


$350 an hour.  The budget includes a program facilitator and presenters.

Total number of program hours will be determined by the requesting agency in collaboration with UCMWP.

When approved the contracting school/district enters a formal contract with UCM Writing Project.


Dr. Pauline Sahakian


UC Merced Writing Project